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Port Sailing operates a fleet of 30 boat available for every age, every budget, every level of expertise.


Our fleet includes several dinghies for kids like Optimists, Pixels, Bic opens. Adults can rent the Sonars 23, 14 foot, Zuma, and Lasers. All are well maintained in perfect condition by a team of professionals. The boats are taken of the water every winter, for inspection and maintenance.



At Port Sailing, you can:


  • Learn to sail


  • Practice by sailing boats you have learned on (bring your friends and family

  • Request private lesson to refresh your skills 


  • Rent a boat for half-day or a day


Launch Service

All boats are moored in Echo Bay. Launch operates from "C" dock at New Rochelle Marina.

Also providing Launch Service to

Echo Bay Yacht Club

Monday through Friday.

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