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Frequently Asked Questions


  •   What if it rains or bad weather is predicted?

We get wet. A little rain doesn't dampen our fun. Besides, you need the experience sailing in various weather conditions. However, we don't sail in adverse conditions (high winds or thunderstorms). Please call us prior to class if you are concerned.


  •   What is the difference between your sailing school and others?

There are many fine sailing schools to choose from. We stand out from the others by having you solo sail on your last day of class. Have no fear, your instructor coaches you from a motorboat. You are now ready to come back and complete your two, four-hour practice sails without an instructor. We rent out our boats to our students.    



  •   Are there bathrooms on the boats?

The first thing you need to know is, it's called the head, not the bathroom, and the larger cruising boats have them. There's no need for concern even on the smaller boats, there is ample time to use the facilities ashore.



  •   Can I bring a friend or family member and learn together in the same boat?

Absolutely! Learning to sail is a great activity for the young and old. And if you prefer, we can suggest other sailors to sail with to assure a great experience on the water.  


  •   After I pass a course, I'll be certified. What does certification mean?

You will be able to rent a sailboat from American Sailing Association Schools located around the world. Best of all, meet new friends while learning to sail and sail our boats after the course.


  •  I already have some sailing experience but need further instruction what should I do?


A private lesson is a way to go. Our instructor can access your skills and coach you in areas specific to your individual needs. Use our boat or yours.


  •  Can I combine the Basic Cruising and Bareboat courses?


Yes, we do this on our winter cruises in the Caribbean. During the seven-day cruise, there is time to cover both. 


  •  What happens after I learn to sail?


Assuming you're a nice person and no more strange then the rest of us,  we will introduce you to other sailors that sail out of Port Sailing School. Don't worry if your significant other or kids don't like sailing. You may want to race with other sailors at Port Sailing.


  •  Do I need to buy a boat?



No. Our mission is to make sailing affordable. Get started by using our boats through our Membership programs. After using our boats we recommend getting some experience sailing our fine fleet of boats before you commit to the expense of owning a boat. 


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