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This agreement is valid for all boat rentals, made between Port Sailing Center Inc. and the customer, on the date indicated below in the reservation.  Hereafter referred to as Port Sailing. dba. Port Sailing School. The customer must be 18 years of age or older with a valid credit card in their name.


Customer agrees to operate the boats without motors within the restricted area Echo Bay (unless otherwise noted below) as defined as the body of water west of middle ground reef, south of can 1. east of hens and chickens reef. Customer agrees to act as Master of the vessel assuming all responsibilities as Master. Port Sailing assumes no responsibility for the actions of the Customer, Master, Guests or Crew. No towing passengers behind a sailboat. This vessel can not be used for commercial use, sublet, or for instructional purposes without prior consent. Dinghies; less than 16 ft in length, are restricted to the bay not to exceed 1000 feet from shore.                       


 $100 charge for towing boats from outside the bay.  $100 charge for retrieving halyards from the top of a mast. $75 charge for breaking the pickup buoy.


Customers recognize that sailing and operating a vessel presents certain risks not limited to: drowning, being struck by moving booms, sudden equipment failure, and dangerous weather conditions. Port Sailing represents that the boat is seaworthy at the time of departure; however, doesn’t guarantee the vessel’s performance thereafter. The customer must inspect the vessel carefully prior to departure. 


Customer is responsible for any damages to: the hull, rigging, other vessels and property. This includes accidental grounding. Customer is not responsible for normal wear to the vessel and equipment. Customer agrees that Port Sailing will hold a $2000.00 security deposit for damages. In the event of a grounding the boat will be hauled out of the water for inspection and a $400 charge will be applied.  


In the event the customer needs assistance with the vessel, Port Sailing must be notified first. Port Sailing will  provide towing and mechanical service to the vessel when operated within the restricted area. If a customer fails to notify Port Sailing and employs outside services of other companies, Port Sailing may elect not reimburse the customer for those services. In the event the boat runs aground and can easily be freed, there is a charge. Hard grounding; requiring waiting for tides, use of divers, or outside salvage companies to be billed at $125 per foot. Damage to the boat from the result of grounding billed at cost of refloating, hauling and repair.    


Customer agrees to return the boat on time as indicated by the charter period below or a late fee will be imposed of $50.00 per hour, after a 15 minute grace period.  The boat shall be returned clean with no garbage aboard or a $45.00 cleaning fee will be charged. No pets allowed on boats.     


Port Sailing will not prorate or refund any money received by the customer in such an event of poor weather, if the vessel is returned earlier or the customer arrives late to start their rental.   


The Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of New York.


   Life Jackets must be worn at all times on boats. No alcohol permitted on boats. No children under 8 years old on boats less than 16 (dinghies)

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