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Our Fleet

Check out all the boats we have to sail! Our fleet of over 45 boats supports our adult and junior sailing programs. We are constantly upgrading and expanding to accommodate our ever-growing list of programs. Port Sailing also operates a fleet of chase boats that provide on-water support to our junior sailors and our fleet of Sonar 23s. PSS has two launch boats, Gull and Stuvyseant, which are the workhorses of our fleet, transporting all customers to their boats. Last but not least is our group of support boats that aid our back-end operations to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. 

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Sonar 23

Port Sailing School was founded with a small fleet of Sonar 23s. Today we operate 10 over two locations. This class is a one-design keelboat and a high-performance racer and also a comfortable daysailor just right for teaching a class or going for a sail with some friends or family. It was designed by Bruce Kirby and almost 700 boats have been built since 1980. The Sonar has recently achieved status as an International Class.

Dufor Gibsea 43: S/V Marissa

S/V Marissa is a Dufor Gibsea 43. She has been in our fleet for almost ten years and will soon be phased out. S/V Marissa will be replaced by a larger, nicer, and newer sailing yacht. She was once a charter boat with the Moorings which underwent a refit to perfectly cater to our Caribbean program. The boat has ten births and will comfortably cruise with eight. 


The Optimist is the most popular sailboat in the world. It is a single-handed boat with a rig that is 3.3 square meters. Today it boasts being one of the largest racing fleets in the world, and every year there are numerous regattas with hundreds of boats competing in each. The Optimist has become the standard for learning to race on the East Coast. Children learn how to find the direction of the wind and then how to move the boat forward using small nuances in technique that have big effects on racing results. 


The Laser is a popular class of single-handed, one-design sailing dinghies that share a common hull design and have three interchangeable rigs of different sail areas (ILCA 4, 6, and 7) to suit various wind strengths and crew weights. It is a widely produced dinghy class with more than 215,000 boats worldwide as of 2018. The Laser is an international class with sailors from 120 countries and has been an Olympic class since 1996. At Port Sailing, we have several Lasers that are used for both our Junior Sailing Program and Adult Dinghy Classes.


The Feva is an internationally recognized sailboat class sanctioned by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). It's also one of the fastest-growing double-handed sailboat classes globally and has been awarded the Dinghy of the Year in the US. The modern sail plan and cockpit layout, easy-to-use sail controls, and durable rotomolded hull make the RS Feva XL an excellent training platform for sailors looking to move beyond the Optimist and develop their performance racing skills. The boat features three sails: a main, jib, and gennaker. For the 2023 season, PSS has acquired two brand-new Fevas with plans to expand our fleet.


The Club 420 Dinghy is a popular double-handed boat used for racing and teaching. The hull of the boat is made of fiberglass and has internal buoyancy tanks. The 420 comes with a bermuda rig, spinnaker, and trapeze. The boat has a large sail-area-to-weight ratio, which makes it easy to plane. The boat is named after its length of 420 centimeters (4.2 meters or 13 feet 9 inches). The Club 420 is widely used in youth, high school, and collegiate programs across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, with over 5,000 boats currently in use. In 2023, we decided to replace our fleet of Pixel boats with Club 420s for their more modern design. 

O'pen Skiff

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Chase Boats


Launch Boats

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Work Boats


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